About Us

"It's all in the details" - is what our company and our products are all about! All our products are hand made and thought through in every single little detail. We add the final touch to your equestrian equipment! 

The company was founded in 2013 and at the very beginning we only made custom made jewellry to order. During the years, our products and demand for them have spread and these days our products are one of a kind on the equestrian market. Our horse charms are incredibly popular and they were there from the beginning. In 2016 we released our first collection of flyveils, polos and similar items. We will continue developing new and outstanding collections. Our aim is to reach outside Sweden and become a strong brand internationally. 

We work closely with our team riders and sponsor them in their effort. We believe it is very important as an upcoming business to be out there and see the sport evolve. Our team riders work with us and help us develop our products. They test the products from the start to see how they work and how the horses get on with them. Team work at its best!